The Dean of the College of Medicine, Prof Dr Basil M. Nathir Saeed, chaired the first meeting of the University Committee for Medical Research Ethics for the academic year 2020-2021on Monday, October 12th 2020. The meeting was held in the College of Nursing at University of Mosul, and was attended by the Dean of the College of Nursing, Prof Dr Salwa H. Ghaylan, and the Dean of the College of Pharmacy, assistant Prof Dr Zeina A. Abdel Majeed in addition to the other members. In the meeting, the medical ethics records of the Medical Group's colleges (as well as from other colleges) were approved including graduate students ’research. Also approving research that is subject to the ethics of medical scientific research ; demanding other incomplete requirements for the scientific research items. Activating this committee and supporting its work is of great importance, in order to achieve the scientific sobriety of the research prepared by researchers, and to reach the highest degrees of reliability and standardization that the University of Mosul seeks to obtain locally, regionally and internationally if Allah willing.


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