In the presence of the Scientific Vice-President of University of Mosul, Prof Dr Munir S. Taha, the Dean of the College of Medicine, Prof Dr Basil M. Nathir Saeed, and the Administrative Vice- Dean of the College, Prof Dr Hazim Kh. Al-Allaf, a master's thesis of the Anatomy Department discussed the effect of maternal obesity on placental tissue and oxidative stress on Monday November 16th 2020. he thesis, presented by the student Harith A. Hassan, focused on studying the issue of maternal obesity which is one of the ever-increasing medical issues that affect the health of both the mother and the fetus. It aimed to shed light on the histological changes in the placentas of obese women to study their relationship with fetal health as well as to discuss the role of toxi stress in this. It found that there were histological changes (and a significant difference) in the placentas of obese mothers (and even those slightly overweight) compared to the control group. Evidence of oxidative stress was also observed upon examining the histological mix of these placentas. The discussion committee consisted of Assistant Prof Dr. Ihsan Mahmoud Al-Mawla (Chairman), Assistant Prof. Dr. Raida M. Al-Wazzan (Member), Lecturer Dr Omar Riyad Hamdi (Member), and Assistant Prof Dr Lama I. Al-Allaf (Member and Supervisor). After the discussion, the decision of the committee was read including accepting the thesis after making the necessary amendments to it, while granting the student a master's degree.

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