The College of Medicine held a virtual workshop on active learning and team- based learning on Friday, 5th February 2021. It was held under the patronage of the President of University of Mosul, Prof Dr Qusay K. Al-Ahmadi and supervised and attended by the Deanship of the College and the whole teaching staff. The workshop discussed the objectives of active learning and providing the means for students to ensure their integration into the learning process and increase their motivation. It aimed to develop the learning staff and methods of giving the lecture by introducing the method of team- based learning in teaching various medical subjects. The workshop is also concluded the possibility of applying team- based learning in teaching and in any educational program for the purpose of containing the increase in the number of students by sharing their opinions with their colleagues to benefit from each other's experiences. The lecture was given by the Assistant Prof Dr Omaima A. Ibrahim from the Department of Family and Community Medicine and (Fellow of the Fimer Foundation for the Development of Medical Education in the Middle East and North Africa).

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