The University of Nineveh and the Nineveh Health Department held a joint workshop on the latest research developments in stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine on Sunday and Monday 14-15 February 2021. The workshop aimed at introducing how to treat various diseases by means of stem cell transplantation and what diseases can be treated using this method. It was attended by the President of the University of Nineveh, the Director General of Nineveh Health, and a number of professors and doctors from various medical specialties. On the part of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Mosul, it was attended by the Scientific Vice- Dean, assistant Prof Dr Humam Gh. Ibrahim representing the college deanship along with a group of other teaching staff. The Prof Dr Ali A. Muhammad, from the Department of Surgery participated in the work of the scientific session by delivering his research entitled "Stem Cell Based Treatment in Otolaryngology."

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