The College of Medicine is keen to develop learning methods to keep pace with the development in the global learning movement and to overcome the COVID19 crisis which resulted in the lack of student interaction with the professor and with the scientific material. The Assistant Prof Dr Omaima A.Ibrahim, from the Department of Family and Community Medicine, applied the team based learning method (TEAM BASED LEARNING)) to community medicine lectures, mother and child health, to stimulate the fourth stage students' motivation to participate actively on Sunday 21st February 2021.

The method included uploading the lecture and reading it by the students, and then uploading questions based on a simulated practical scenario of the lecture where the students would answer them individually. After that, students' teams were formed under the leadership of one of the students to establish an electronic meeting between these sessions to discuss the questions that were asked in order to benefit collectively from the experiences of the team members; and then re-upload the same questions to achieve the collective and agreed-upon correct answer for a more understanding of the material.

This method has achieved high rates of improvement in the students’ scientific level as well as their full attendance and active participation that mimicked their actual presence in the lecture.

It is worth noting that the medical profession is a purely humanitarian profession that saves the health of humanity and society. The college  of Medicine seeks to convey scientific material to all students in a way that serves the progress of learning process despite the weakness of the available capabilities towards achieving the international accreditation of the College of Medicine at University of Mosul.

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