The Department of Medicine held three student seminars on Thursday, 18th February 2021 which dealt with issues of biliary tract diseases, spondyloarthritis, and causes of chronic headache. The twentieth seminars entitled "Examples of Biliary System Diseases" were presented by students Mustafa S. Muhammad, Nur R. Muhammad, Istabraq A. Ahmed, Aya I. Hasan, and under the supervision of the department’s instructor, Assistant Prof Dr Ismail D. Saeed. Some cases of biliary tract diseases, how to diagnose and ways to treat them, and the latest developments in endoscopic interventions in these cases were discussed.

After that, the twenty-first seminar entitled "Seronegative Spondylopathies" was presented by students Saif M. Tawfiq, Doaa Gh. Hussain, Rand M. Khidr, Safana Y. Wajih, Shaima A. Bayez Habib, and under the supervision of the department's lecturer Dr Ali A. Younis. A common disease which is serum negative arthritis is covered, how to diagnose, and the latest treatment developments.

Then the conclusion was held with the twenty-second seminar entitled "Management of Chronic Headache" which was presented by students Amer Hani, Aisha N. Yahya, Othman A. Ahmed Younis, Mustafa Ghayath al-Din, Maha Muhammad under the supervision of the lecturer Dr Omar A. Mahmoud. The seminar dealt with methods of diagnosing the causes of chronic headache and the latest developments in the examinations and treatments used in this regard.

This scientific activity is part of the academic requirements for the sixth year students. Among the attendees were the head, rapporteur and general teaching staff of the department as well as students of the aforementioned stage (medicine group exclusively).

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