The nineteenth student seminar of the Department of Medicine discussed the symptoms of peripheral artery disease on Thursday, 11th February 2021. The students: Ali Amer, Ali M. Tayyib, Imad Jamal, Muhammad Hisham, and Mustafa Raad presented the seminar entitled "Disorders of Peripheral Vascular System" under the supervision of the Assistant Prof Dr Jasim M. Taiyeb. After that, there was a chance for opinions, questions and interpositions by the attendees.

The topic of peripheral arterial disease symptoms has been discussed. The ways of diagnosing it, and treating it were also covered.

This scientific activity is part of the study requirements for sixth-stage students. Among the attendees were the Head of the Department, Prof Dr Khalid N. Al-Kherro, the rapporteur, lecturer Dr Wael Th. Younis, and the general teaching staff of the department as well as the students of the aforementioned stage (the group of medicine exclusively).

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