Under the auspices of the Presidency of the Northern Technical University, the Iraqi Al-Khwarizmi Association and the Mosul Technical Institute held the seventh international scientific conference “Joint scientific research is a means of development and development” for the period 23-24 March 2021. Dozens of academics and researchers from various Iraqi universities participated in the conference’s activities. Among them an official Technical Support Unit, Quality Assurance and Performance Assessment Division, College of Medicine, Assistant Lecturer, Araf A. Bakr for his research entitled "Deep Learning Models (LSTM) and (GRU) for Monaural Audio Source Separation Using Optimal Ratio Mask (OMR)" The number of submitted research papers reached 127 papers distributed on several items such as mathematics, statistics, physics, computers, life sciences, and others which it is hoped will be published later in international publishing containers. For more details, Click Here.

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