The President of University of Mosul, Prof. Dr. Qusay Kamaladdin Al-Ahmedy  met in his office with the creative artist, a student of the Faculty of Medicine (sixth stage), Omar Nashwan Al-Taee on Thursday,25th  March 2021. This meeting goes in line with the context of the approach taken by the presidency of university in the follow-up and development of artistic and creative capabilities for its students being the student possesses remarkable talents in the field of photography and videography. He has previously participated and won a number of local and international competitions; perhaps the last of which he won first place in the photography competition at the level of Iraqi universities within the first electronic festival organized by the Ministry with the participation of more than a hundred governmental and private universities and colleges. The Deanship of the College of Medicine applies its thankful to the esteemed presidency of university for its support to its students and talents. The Deanship of the College of Medicine also congratulates the future doctor for this remarkable artistic innovation, wishing him continued success in scientific, medical and artistic terms.

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