The scientific symposium held by Al-Khansa Teaching Hospital of the Nineveh Health Department discussed rare surgical cases in the field of Pediatric surgery on Sunday 4th April 2021.

The symposium dealt with the definition and review of the latest scientific findings of various methods and methods of paediatric surgery using advanced tools and devices. And it aimed to improve the scientific and practical level of the aforementioned specialty. It recommended the importance of developing the health situation especially with this type of surgery as it is of interest to the newcomers in society.

The College of Medicine actively participated and attended the symposium. The first scientific session was chaired by Prof Dr Abdul-Rahman A. Al-Shahwani (currently retired). The second session included the presentation of two lecturers from the Department of Surgery, Lecturer Dr Ubay A. Idan and Lecturer Dr Bassam Kh. Al-Hajjar of their two lectures entitled "Intussusception into an Invaginated Meckles Diverticulum "and "Female Hypospadias" (respectively). At the same time, the head, reporter, and some teaching staff of the Department of Pediatric were satisfied with the attendance.

The symposium was held under the patronage and attendance of the Director General of Nineveh Health under the slogan "Together for Progress" and with the support of Swisslak. It was also attended by the President of Nineveh University, and a number of specialized doctors in the city of Mosul who filled the engineering hall which witnessed its events amid restricted health measures due to the continuing outbreak of the corona pandemic.

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