The Department of Medicine held two students' seminars dealing with colon cancer and neurological diseases on Thursday 1st April 2021.

The 31st seminar entitled "Management of Patients with Colorectal Cancer and CRC Awareness Day" was presented by the students Omar N. Al-Taee, Mustafa Ahmed, Mustafa A. Muhammad, Mustafa Subhi, and Youssef Riyad under the supervision of the Lecturer Dr Abdullah Z. Al-Yuzbaki. The topic of treatment and follow-up of patients with colorectal cancer was discussed on the day of awareness. After that, the thirty-second seminar titled "Eye Reflections of Neurological Diseases" was presented by the students Ahmed Abdel Aziz, Al-Ashhab Ismail, Evan Ramzi, Thara' Athil, and Julia Jarjis under the supervision of Lecturer Dr Bashar Sh. Mahmoud. The reflexes of the eye in neurological diseases were discussed.

This scientific activity is part of the academic requirements for the sixth stage students. Among the attendees was the Head of the Department, Prof Dr Khalid N. Mustafa as well as the general teaching staff and students of the aforementioned stage (medicine group in particular).

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