Under the patronage and attendance of the Director General of the Nineveh Health Department, a medical scientific symposium on post-corona complications was held on Wednesday April 21th 2021. The clinical symptoms, diagnosis, complications of coronavirus and treatment were discussed. And it recommended the importance of social distancing, early diagnosis and follow-up of the mentioned complications with the necessity of vaccination.

The symposium consisted of several lectures presented by a number of specialized doctors. On the part of the College of Medicine, University of Mosul, a lecturer from the Department of Medicine, Dr Muhammad H. Al-Saati participated in by presenting his lecture on diabetes and corona.  The lecture dealt with diabetes as complications of corona virus in terms of its causes, treatment methods, and follow-up.

The symposium was attended by the Director of Al-Salam Hospital, the official of the Arab Board, and a group of specialists in the Health Department.

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