The Department of Medicine held two student seminars on high pressure and digestive disorders, on Wednesday June 2nd 2021.

The forty-fifth seminar, Pulmonary Hypertension, was presented by students Omar Jamal, Omar Muhammad, Mazisn Ibrahim, Maryam Firas, Hala Amer, Wassan Omar and Ahmed Firas, under the supervision of Assistant Prof Dr Arwa M. Al-Sarraf.

Then, the forty-sixth seminar entitled "Celiac Disease" was presented by students Ahmed Mahmoud, Ashraf Hassan, Hala Abdel Hamid, Hussam Nameer, Jihan Sabah, Saja Khalil and Taha Yassin, under the supervision of Assistant Dr Ismail D. Saeed.

This science activity is part of the academic requirements for sixth-grade students. Among the attendees were the head of the department, Prof Dr Khalid N. Mustafa as well as the general public of other teaching staff, and students of the mentioned stage (the medicine group in particular).

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