The Department of Medicine held two student seminars on the topics of blood transfusion and skin manifestations on Wednesday, 9th June 2021.

The forty-seventh seminar, entitled Blood Transfusion, was presented by students Muhammad Khazal, Aisha Nofal, Abdul Qader Ali, Ola Muhammad, Omar Abdel Sattar and Omar Fathi, under the supervision of the Head of the Department, Prof Dr Khalid N. Mustafa.

Subsequently, the forty-eighth seminar entitled "Dermatological Manifestations of Anthrax, Leprosy and TB" was presented by students Hussam El Din Ali, Hind Jalil, Rafaida Fares, Ahmed Imad, Anfal Maan, Aws Najm and Raghad Majid, under the supervision of the Lecturer Dr Qassim S. Chalabi.

This science activity is part of the study requirements for sixth-grade students. Among the attendees were the general faculty of the department and the students of the mentioned stage (the medicine group in particular).

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