In the presence of the Scientific and Administrative Vice-Dean of the College of Medicine, Assistant Prof Dr Humam Gh. Ibrahim and Assistant Prof Dr Hazim Kh. Al-Allaf, the Pathology Department held a social celebration on Monday, 14th June 2021. The celebration was dedicated to honoring two affiliates for their retirement, namely, Assistant Prof Abdul Karim Y. Suleiman, and the department secretary, Ms. Ibtisam M. Ali. The event was attended and supervised by the Head of the Department, the Lecturer Dr Zahra' M. Shaaban, with the presence of the rapporteur and some of the teaching staff of the relevant department. In turn, the Deanship of the College thanked the aforementioned associates, praising their efforts and service to the Department, the College and the University for dozens of years, wishing them a good life with continued health and wellness if Allah willing.

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