The Iraqi Society of Nephrology and Urology held its ninth scientific conference for the period 1-2 July 2021. The conference was held with the participation of the European School, the European Society of Nephrology and Urology, and dozens of researchers from Arab and foreign countries as well as Iraq. On the side of the Faculty of Medicine, the conference was attended by four members of teaching staff of the Department of Surgery, including Assistant Prof Dr Zaid S. Khader (member of the Scientific Committee of the Conference), Assistant Prof Dr Uday H. Mohamed, Assistant Prof Dr Noaman H. Saeed, and Lecturer Dr Ashraf I. Adoul.

The conference discussed developments in urology and nephroscopy, sexual dysfunction and surgical interventions related to it.

It aimed to shed light on the modern surgical methods of nephroscopy, prostate laser treatment, and erectile dysfunction surgeries.

It made recommendations on the treatment of possible complications and ways to deal with them.

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