The student of the Faculty of Medicine, Abeer F. Mahmoud Al-Hamdani (first grade) won the first place of the Obada Prize Distinguished Students International for the year 2021. The award was obtained for her participation in the research project entitled "The Effects of Selected Toothpaste, Antibiotics and Miswak on the Bacteria Isolated from the Human Oral Cavity"

In the study, five different types of toothpastes, five types of antibiotics and a miswak were used to investigate their effect on bacteria isolated from the human oral cavity.

Colgate toothpaste was found to be the most effective compared to other types of toothpastes. While the miswak had an effective effect on stopping the growth of bacteria, while the antibiotics used showed less efficiency in limiting the growth of bacteria compared to the pastes.

This award is an international award that recognizes and encourages innovative and interdisciplinary research that transcends traditional boundaries and paradigms and is supported by the African Academy of Sciences. The awards include three categories: the first for the distinguished researcher, the second for researchers under the age of forty years, and the third for undergraduate and graduate students. The awards were given to twenty-five researchers worldwide from the countries of America, Canada, Britain, Belgium, Tunisia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Egypt in addition to Iraq which was represented by the student of the College of Medicine, University of Mosul, who was represented and won first place in the third category. The Deanship of the College of Medicine congratulates her student for this remarkable achievement and scientific excellence, wishing her further scientific success. 

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