The Council of the College of Medicine recommended that the attendance of students of the academic grades (from the first to the fifth) be four days per a week during the academic year 2021-2022. This happened in the second meeting of the council, on Sunday, 26th Sept.  2021. In the same context, the Council fixed the basic subjects whose lectures will be in attendance form. The meeting also reviewed the results of the second trial of undergraduate students for the academic year 2020-2021, and they were approved.

In postgraduate affairs, a master's degree was awarded to a student in the Department of Pharmacology, and a higher diploma in the Department of Family and Community Medicine was also awarded to seven male and female doctors from Nineveh Health Department. In another context, the council reviewed the vision, goal and mission of the college as well as other issues and points discussed in the session.

The meeting was chaired by the Dean of the College, Prof Dr Basil Mohammednather Saeed, and in the presence of the Scientific Vice- Dean (Secretary of the Council), Assistant Prof Dr Humam Gh. Ibrahim., and Administrative Assistant Vice- Dean, Prof Dr Hazim Kh, Al-Allaf, and other members of the council.

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