A master's thesis of the Department of Anatomy was discussed at the College of Medicine entitled "Ki67 evidence in endometrial tissues taken from dilation, curettage, and hysterectomy in Nineveh Governorate" which was submitted by the student Sura A. Mahmoud Maree on Thursday, 30th September 2021.

The thesis discussed the determination of the prevalence of histological changes in the endometrium from cases of irregular uterine bleeding while clarifying the expression of ki67 in the endometrium obtained from those cases.

It aimed to determine the prevalence of changes in the endometrium of women (in Nineveh Governorate) who suffer from irregular uterine bleeding with recognizing the expression of ki67 in the endometrium by immunohistochemical stains in those cases.

It concluded that several changes witnessed a prevalence in the Nineveh Governorate within the cases of irregular uterine bleeding including endometrial cancer. It also concluded that there is a significant difference in the expression of ki67 in the endometrium for cases of endometrial cancer, cases of increased number of cells in the endometrium, and benign cases.

The discussion committee consisted of the Assistant Prof Dr Maysoon M. Al-Qazzaz (Chairman), Assistant Prof Dr Zahraa A. Al-Temimi (Member), Lecturer Dr Mustafa S. Fadil (Member), Assistant Prof Dr Luma I. Al-Allaf and Lecturer Dr Zahraa M. Sha'aban (two members and supervisors).

The Scientific and Administrative Vice-Deans, Assistant Prof Dr Humam Gh. Ibrahim and Assistant Prof Dr Hazim Kh. Al-Allaf, both attended part of the discussion. It was also attended by some the heads, rapporteurs and teaching staff of various scientific departments and a number of postgraduate students.

After the discussion, the committee's decision was read including accepting the thesis with necessary amendments to it and awarding the student the master's degree.

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