The head and teaching staff of the Department of Surgery participate in a scientific symposium on obesity surgery which was held by Nineveh Health Directory. Under the patronage and presence of the Director General of Nineveh Health, the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Unit of the Republican Teaching Hospital with the participation of the College of Medicine held its scientific symposium entitled “Obesity Surgery: Secrets, Facts and Challenges for Success” on Monday, 22nd November 2021.

The symposium consisted of two sessions with two scientific lectures for each session. In the first session, the Head of the Department of Surgery, Prof Dr Samir I. Al-Saffar, gave his lecture entitled "The Other Face of Bariatric Surgery". While the second session witnessed the presentation of the lecture by Prof Dr Nashwan Q. Al-Taee entitled "Sleeve Gastroctomy, Tricks and Tips Personal Experience of 500 Cases".

The symposium discussed how to treat obesity through obesity surgery which is one of the advanced surgeries to reduce its risks. Some complications that occur after the operation were also discussed.

It was found that the first steps to lose weight should be done by determining the amounts of food entering the body with the sustainability of exercise. As for the surgical elimination of obesity, it represents the last solution and only for certain patients who suffer from a high increase in weight.

The lectures included questions, discussions and interpositions. Among the attendees were a number of the college members as well as dozens of specialized doctors from Nineveh Health Department.

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