Dar Al-Dawa Company organized a medical scientific symposium on Friday, 26th November 2021. The symposium included three lectures alternately presented by three professors of the Department of Medicine, College of Medicine. The first lecture was for the Lecturer Dr Abdullah Z. Al-Yuzbaki where he presented his lecture entitled "Update on H Pylori Treatment" and then the second one by the Lecturer Dr Wael Th. Younis who presented his lecture entitled “Combination of Antihypertensive Medications”. Finally, the Lecturer Dr Muhammad H. Al-Saati gave his lecture entitled "Role of Pioglitazone in the Management of Diabetes"

The symposium discussed the new treatment and diagnosis of H. pylori, treatment of blood pressure (especially treatment-resistant hypertension), treatment protocols for diabetes and the role of pioglitazone in the aforementioned disease.

After that, there was a room for questions, discussions and interpositions. Among the attendees were a group of medical college from University of Mosul and Nineveh as well as a number of specialist doctors from Nineveh Health Department.

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