The Council of the College of Medicine, University of Mosul, approved to purchase buses to transport students inside the university campus. This happened during the sixth meeting of the council, which was held on Sunday, 28th November 2021. The conferees agreed that these buses will be dedicated to transporting students for free, and their route will be from the new building of the college to the campus centre and back, and within certain times that will be announced later.

In the matters of postgraduate studies, a doctorate degree in anatomy was awarded to a one of teaching staff from the College of Medicine, Nineveh University. Also, discussion committees were nominated for master's students in the Department of Anatomy. The approval of university presidency on the admission plan for postgraduate studies for the academic year 2022-2023 was also reviewed. In another context, the setting up of two central examination and auditing committees in the college was approved. Other issues and points were discussed in the session.

This meeting is the first of its kind to be held in the college's new building within the presidential palaces.

The meeting was chaired by the Dean of the College, Prof Dr Basil Mohammednather Saeed, in the presence of the Scientific Vice-Dean (Secretary of the Council), Assistant Prof Dr Humam Gh. Ibrahim, and Administrative Vice-Dean, Assistant Prof Dr Hazim Kh. Al-Allaf in addition to other members of the council.

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