Under the auspices of Nineveh Governorate, the presidency of Nineveh University and Nineveh Health Department, and in the presence of a number of concerned officials, the first periodic scientific conference was held to support the visually impaired in Iraq on Wednesday and Thursday 1st -2nd December 2021.

The conference consisted of five scientific sessions, in which dozens of lectures were delivered in the issues of stem cells, ophthalmology, family and community medicine, psychiatric diseases and others.

On the side of the College of Medicine, the inaugural day was attended by Administrative Vice-Dean, Assistant Prof Dr Hazim Kh. Al-Allaf, and with him a number of teaching staff, including the Head of the Department of Pharmacology, Prof Dr Imad A. Thanoun as a member of the Scientific Committee. Meanwhile, Assistant Prof Dr Azzam A. Ahmed, gave his lecture entitled "Mucopolysccharidosis". A number of fifth-grade students also participated and attended the conference. The student, Shaima' N. Saadoun, presented her research titled "The Knowledge Level of Nineveh Health Department Staff for the Rights of the Blind" in addition to her membership in the Preparatory Committee. The students: Mustafa M. Sharif, Qais T. Abed, and Sidra Q. Fathi (as volunteer members of the Administrative and Reception Committee) also attended.

The conference aimed to show and find appropriate solutions to the health, educational, economic and social problems faced by people with visual disabilities. The scientific, medical and technical developments towards them were also clarified, with an explanation of their rights whether in international conventions or national legislation.

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