Nineveh Health Department held a scientific medical symposium on cardiac arrhythmias on Friday, 3rd December 2021.

The symposium consisted of two lectures. The first of which was delivered by Assistant Prof Dr Diaa A. Al-Hamdani,  from the Department of Medicine, who gave his lecture entitled "Management Strategies for a Person with An Arrhythmia." The second lecture was delivered by the specialist doctor Sayf R. Al-Khaffaf, who gave his lecture entitled "The Essential Role of Betaloc ZOK in Cardiac Arrhythmias." The symposium included questions, discussions and interpositions by the attendees.

The symposium was held with the support of AstraZeneca to keep pace with the progress of scientific and medical development.

The symposium was attended by some of the medical medical of universities of Mosul and Nineveh as well as many specialist doctors of Nineveh Health Department.

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