The College of Medicine discussed a master’s thesis for the Department of Pharmacology entitled “The effect of sitagliptin on oxidative stress and some signs of inflammation and pancreatic enzymes for patients with type 2 diabetes” presented by the student Zainab A. Mustafa on Sunday 5th December 2021.

The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of sitagliptin on total oxidative stress/antioxidant stress and some markers of inflammation as well as pancreatic enzymes for patients with type 2 diabetes.

It was found that diabetic patients had a higher level of signs of oxidative stress and a lower level of total antioxidants than the control group, and that taking sitagliptin and metformin reduced oxidative stress, improved total antioxidants and some markers of inflammation. Also, a significant increase in the rate of pancreatic enzymes was observed compared to the group of people taking metformin alone.

The thesis concluded that use of the two mentioned drugs has a good and more effective effect on some of the measures that have been studied for patients with type 2 diabetes.

The discussion committee consisted of Assistant Prof Dr Khaldoun Th. Al-Abayachi (Chairman), Assistant Prof Dr Zina A. Abdel Majid (Member), Assistant Prof Dr Omaima A. Ibrahim (Member), and Assistant Prof Dr Qassim A. Salih (Member and Supervisor).

Part of the discussion was attended by the Scientific and Administrative Vice-Dean, Assistant Prof Dr Humam Gh. Ibrahim, and Assistant Prof Dr Hazim Kh. Al-Allaf. Some academic staff of different scientific departments and a number of postgraduate students.

After the discussion, the committee's decision was read including accepting the thesis with doing the necessary amendments and awarding the student a master's degree.

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