The Educational Guidance Unit in the College of Medicine is one of the administrative divisions that is concerned with guiding students educationally and psychologically. The unit is run by the Assistant Lecturer Dr Elaf A. Hamdi Al-Sumaida’i. The unit works by receiving the  students' requests and solving their problems by the college professors and in cooperation with the Guidance Committee, which is headed by Assistant Prof Dr Walid Gh. Ibrahim, the unit is equipped with the necessary equipment and supplies for its work. The counselling program includes many tasks, the most important of which are:

  1- Receiving student complaints.

  2- Receiving students referred from academic departments who have many absences and academic delays to discuss the problems of their absence and find ways to treat them.

  3- Creating an orientation program for all students of the college includes indicative information for each student through the college professors (counsellors).

4- Holding seminars and awareness workshops.


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