Under the patronage of the Dean of the College of Medicine, Prof Dr Basil Mohammadnathir Saeed, the College participated in an active and influential presence in the symposium of the Ear, Nose and Throat Society, Nineveh Branch, which was held on Friday, 5th August 2022 in the hall of Mosul Gardens Royal. The symposium was attended by the Vice- Dean for Scientific Affairs, Prof Dr Humam Gh. Al Zubair, and the Vice- Dean for Administrative Affairs, Assistant Lecturer Dr Karam T. Tawfiq Agha and the Co-ordinator of the Department of Surgery in the College of Medicine, Lecturer Dr Muhannad A. Al-Nuaimi. Prof Dr Ali Abdul Muttalib chaired one of the sessions of the symposium, in which Assistant Prof Dr Haitham Abdul Malik presented a distinguished presentation under the title "CSF rhinorrhea"


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