Under the sponsorship of the Dean of the College of Medicine, Prof Dr Basil Mohammednathir Saeed, and the supervision of the Head of the Dept. of Radiology, the Lecturer Dr Dalia A. Al-Falaki, and within the college’s endeavour to achieve the requirements of international accreditation, the Department of Radiology at the College held a training course entitled "How to do assessment of radiological diagnostic points" that fell under the continuous education program in the Radiology Hall in the Deanship of the College for three days from 11th -13th September 2022. 

 The course was attended by the dean, the vice- dean for scientific affairs, the vice- dean for administrative affairs, a group of teaching staff from various scientific departments, and a group of students.

The course was attended by the department's teaching staff through organized sessions and topics of graded difficulty. It aimed to strengthen the skills of accurate radiographic diagnosis for both regular and senior residents. The course took care of a group of medical students from the fifth and sixth grades, as they are a good seed for future doctors.

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