Lecturers at the College of Petroleum and Mining Engineering, (Mr. Omar Haytham Ghanem, Mr. Maher Obaid Ahmed and Mr. Adel Akram Mahmoud) been participated in the Third International Conference on Materials Science and Engineering, held in Kuala Lumpur - 28 - 30 December 2020, The research paper in title:

Investigation of corrosion penetration rate on alloy steel in petroleum industries of three samples of crude oil, northern Iraq

The study summarizes the effect of corrosion of crude oil for three models from northern Iraq on different alloys (steel alloys) in the manufacture and formation of fixed and rotating devices that transport the raw material during normal operating conditions and to represent the effect of corrosion rates in the alloys. The study was useful in identifying the factors that cause corrosion while treating them and reducing the rate of corrosion penetration.


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