Lecturer in Petroleum Reservoir Engineering Department at the College of Petroleum and Mining Engineering (Mr. Ahmad Abdulsam Aabid), has been participated with two researchers from the University of Tikrit with the paper entitled:


Mathematical Model, Simulation and Scale up of Batch Reactor Used in Oxidative Desulfurization of Kerosene


In this paper, a mathematical model for the oxidative desulfurization of kerosene had been developed. The mathematical model and simulation process is a very important process due to it provides a better understanding of a real process. The mathematical model in this study was based on experimental results which were taken from literature to calculate the optimal kinetic parameters where simulation and optimization were conducted using gPROMS software. A scale up to batch reactor was conducted using these optimal kinetic parameters and optimal reaction conditions and the results showed the best reactor size that can be used at a diameter of 1.2 m.


The paper published in: "The Iraqi Journal of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering"

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