Under the kind patronage, guidance and direct support of Prof. Dr. Qusay Kamal Al-Din Al-Ahmadi, the President of Mosul University; within the framework of the University of Mosul’s keenness to develop its scientific journals and to complete the necessary steps to enter the Scope’s container, Prof. Dr. Muneer Salem Taha Al-Badrani " Assistant President for Scientific Affairs " held a cyber-workshop entitled ((The scientific requirements for the University of Mosul's journals for inclusion in Scopus)) on Saturday, 30 May 2020 via "Meet" program, in the presence of some deans of colleges, directors, and managers of editing scientific journals at the University of Mosul. In this context, the editor-in-chief of Regional Studies Journal, Head of Regional Studies Center, Assist. Prof. Dr. Luqman Omar Mahmood Al-Nuaimi, and the managing editor of the journal, Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Abdul-Rahman al-Obeidi, have attended the workshop. All of the attendees thanked " Al-Badrani "for his valuable and very thoughtful lecture. In this regard, a Regional Studies Journal was evaluated in terms of its fulfillment of the requirements of inclusion Scope's container, and it was found that it has met more than 90% of these prerequisites and only a few simple steps remained to be performed as soon as possible.

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