Dr. Nawfal Qasim Ali Al-Shahwan, Assist. Prof. of economic development and head of Economic and Social Studies Department at Regional Studies Center - Mosul University, has published a book at the end of June 2020 in the European Union entitled (Post-conflict economic development foundations for Iraq: Nineveh, a case approach(.The book is of medium size and includes (440) pages. Also, the publisher in Horderstedt, Germany, had requested the author to translate it into eight languages, and it was approved. It is worth noting that the book was registered in a certified record at Regional Studies Center for the years 2019-2020.

"Al-Shahwan" pointed out that the book aims to study and discuss the basics of local economic development for Iraq as a whole and all of its eighteen provinces and analytical frameworks in the short term, regarding one of its moderate economic regions, Nineveh, as a close case study.

Al-Shahwan added that the main foundations start from society, through state institutions, and their purpose in human development, and specifically dealing with those in need of the local economy. The book focuses on the near-ranges within the framework of plans, programs, and policies in the medium and long terms.

The author emphasized that the most beneficial thing in this work is to participate in ongoing discussions on the dilemma of economic development through realistic scientific views that it analyzes from the anthologies as a roadmap, such as social structures, followed by economic structures, and human structures in Iraq; where there are three directions to align with one launch; However, each of them takes the time necessary to link ideas and perspectives on estimates and assessments, beside indicators for policy elements.

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