The Director of Regional Studies Center, Assist. Prof. Dr. Luqman Omar Mahmood Al-Nuaimi has been granted an appreciation certificate for his participation in the virtual training course titled “Classification of Global Journals” which has been organized by Swedish Iraqi Studies Network in cooperation with International Friendship Organization (I.F.O.) and Rike Gate for Conference Management and Journals Classification on July 17, 2020.
The above authorities train academics in scientific research and publishing courses held by the network to develop academics through excellent scientific standards, provided that they are free at the first (primary) level and that they have token fees for the second (intermediate) and third (advanced) levels that are fulfilled by Rike Gate to meet the fees and efforts of lecturers, Arab and Foreign Publishing Houses.
The Swedish-Iraqi Network awards those who pass courses at the three levels of graduation. This course and the series of subsequent courses at the advanced levels aim to find modern and advanced mechanisms in the management and classification of international journals. Also, Rike Gate is concerned with electronic education, as well as organizing specialized scientific symposiums and courses with accredited certificates, leading to a thoughtful classification of journals and a future vision of granting academic certificates in the classification of journals and e-learning.

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