Regional Studies Center held a seminar entitled (Contemporary Developments in the Society of the UAE: A Historical Study) by Dr. Mithaq Khairallah Jallud Al-Qarah Ghuli, Head of the Political and Strategic Studies Department, in the presence of the Center’s researchers on Wednesday, October 7, 2020.

The researcher, "Al-Qarah Ghuli", said that his research aims to introduce the reality of the United Arab Emirates society and the impact of geography on the population, in addition to documenting basic information about this society, its components, and the latest developments that have occurred to it in recent decades, taking into account the most important indicators and statistics that show the reality of this society that it is not much different from its Gulf and Arab surroundings.

The researcher added that the research is divided into four topics. The first one dealt with geography and population in the UAE, the second involved the structure of this society, the third topic discussed cultural, educational, and health developments, while the fourth one included the labor market in the UAE.

In the end, extensive discussions and interventions covered the topic of the research by the attendees in a way that would serve the scientific process in our dear university.

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