Regional Studies Center held a seminar entitled (Iranian-Sudanese relations 2005-2016) by Dr. Mohammad Abdul-Rahman Al-Obaidi, the researcher and academic in the Department of Historical and Cultural Studies, in the presence of the Center’s researchers on Wednesday, October 14, 2020.

Al-Obaidi stated that the research studies the Iranian-Sudanese political, economic, and military relations during the period 2005-2016, as well as the regional issues and their effects on the relations between the two sides. The researcher emphasized that these relations had developed in various fields that contributed to the strengthening of those relations, but they did not continue to do so and began to decline since 2013 due to a number of internal and external reasons that pushed Sudan at the end to sever relations with Iran in 2016.

The researcher added that the research aims to examine the Iranian-Sudanese relations over the period of the research, and to identify the motives and reasons behind the Iranian interest in Sudan, in addition, to study the reasons for the Sudanese openness towards Iran.

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