With the aim of strengthening cooperation and activating mechanisms of joint action between research centers in Iraq, Strategic and International Studies Center-Baghdad University, in cooperation with Regional Studies Center-Mosul University, held a common scientific electronic Symposium entitled (Internal Crises in Iraq: Challenges and Opportunities) on Tuesday, October 27, 2020. The symposium aimed at shedding light on the current internal crises in Iraq, analyzing them, diagnosing their causes, and providing the visions, proposals, and recommendations needed to manage them. The symposium included 23 participant papers from various Iraqi universities that were delivered in two sessions. The first was headed by the experienced professor at Regional Studies Center, Dr. Ibrahim Khalil Al-Allaf. The first session included three research papers, the first titled “The Future of the US Military Presence in Iraq” by Dr. Fawaz Muwaffaq Thannoon, the second called “Popular Protests in Iraq, Causes and Results” by Dr. Nadia Abbas Fadhli, and the third named “Iraq and Early Elections in 2021, Voter Requirements and Electoral Districts Division".

The second session was chaired by Dr. Khairy Abdul-Razzaq; the first research was described as"The Impact of Instability on Development, a Case Study of Iraq" by Dr. Amer Awwad, while the second was labeled "The Internal Challenge of the Displacement Crisis in Iraq" by Dr. Saddad Mouloud Sabaa. The third and last research paper was titled "Violence against Women; Legal and Constitutional Mechanisms to Protect it" by Dr. Israa Ala El-Din Noori. In conclusion, there were questions, interventions, and comments that covered the topic of the symposium.

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