Regional Studies Center اhas organized a seminar titled (The participation of Arab women in political life: Egyptian women as a case study) by Dr. Amira Ismail Mohammad Al-Obaidi, a researcher at the Department of Economic and Social Studies, in the presence of the Center’s researchers on Wednesday, November 18, 2020.

The researcher, "Al-Obaidi," said that the research is related to social, economic, cultural and political factors; by examining several sources and opinions, most of them talk about something missing, which is the equality of men with women, as women represent half of society, but human civilization has lived for long periods not aware of the reality of the role of women. It does not grant them their just rights compared to the other half of society, which has affected the participation of women in public life.

The researcher added that the research aims to highlight the fact that society cannot achieve comprehensive development and build a new society if women do not have a role in formulating decisions related to their private and public life if they do not take their share of professional, administrative and economic work, and if they do not participate in the institutions of authority in various levels and in decision-making institutions; as empowering women has become the most important challenge to achieve development on the basis of participation and equal opportunities.

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