Regional Studies Center at the University of Mosul released issue No. (47) , January 2021 of " Regional Studies Journal ", which included eight research papers distributed among the specializations of economics, contemporary history, law, political science, and regional-international relations as follows:

1- Arab Food Security and Agricultural Development Policies

Experience of Algeria and Iraq; by Dr. Nawfal K. Ali Alshahwan.

2- Turkey's Peace Water Pipeline Project and the Emirati Position to it; by Dr. Rayyan Th. Mahmood Al-Abbasy.

3- The AKP’s Policy towards Internal Issues in Turkey 2002 – 2007

;(Historical Study); by Dr. Saad A. Maslat AL-Juboory.

4- Recent Trends in Determining Applicable Law to Loan Contract;

by Dr. Sultan A. Mahmood Al-Jawary.

5- The Right to Adequate Housing in International Human Rights Law; by Dr. Suha H. Saleem Al-Jumaa.

6- Activating the Role of the Auditor in Facing Electronic Publishing Challenges of Financial Lists and Reports; by Mr. Harith R. Hamdoon AL-Taee.

7- Attitude of British Governments towards Syrian Crisis 2011-2018; by Mr. Faisal M. Ali Al-haj Abbas.

8- Strategic Shifts During Obama's Tenure and its Effects on Iraqi National Security; by Mr. Ammar A. Rasheed.


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