Regional Studies Center held a seminar by Dr. "Abdul-Razzaq Khalaf Al-Taie" for his research entitled "The Political and Economic Weight of Iraq's Oil and its Future", in the presence of the Center's researchers, on December 22, 2021.

Al-Taie said that the implication of the research stems from the paramount importance that oil represents in the reality and future of Iraq as it is the main source of national income, especially after the decline of other economic sectors.

The "researcher" indicated that the research aims to know the political impact of Iraqi oil internally and externally, and the influence of oil revenues on economic and social development; moreover, knowing the contributions and quantity of Iraqi oil in the global oil market.

The researcher added that the research was divided into four sections, the first one reviewed the amount of oil reserves and their distribution in the Iraqi governorates, production, and export capacity. The second section discussed the political dimension of Iraqi oil internally and externally, while the third reveals the effect of oil revenues on the Iraqi economy and society, whereas the fourth one takes a forward look at the prospects of oil in various fields of economic and social development.

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