Regional Studies Center at the University of Mosul, in cooperation with the Center for Strategic Studies at the University of Anbar, held a joint virtual scientific symposium entitled "The Political Future of Iraq after the Early Elections", on December 25, 2021, within the framework of activating the memorandum of scientific and research cooperation between the Universities of Mosul and Anbar.

The symposium aimed to review many factors and variables that have emerged recently that have an impact on the political future of the Iraqi state, in the short, medium, and long term; because of the repercussions of the early election results on the internal scene in Iraq; Further, the major problems that have arisen on the international and regional arena, which will contribute to political and security instability.

The symposium dealt with many strategic issues that affect the future of the Iraqi state, the administration of the Iraqi state, its foreign policy, and international relationship, including the future of the formation of the Iraqi government after the early elections, the security challenges in Iraq after the early elections, the future of Iraqi-Saudi relations, the future of the US strategy towards Iraq, and the future of Iraqi-Iranian relations in light of the results of the Iraqi parliamentary elections.

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