Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Qusay Kamal Al-Din Al-Ahmadi, President of the University of Mosul, Regional Studies Center, in cooperation with the College of Political Science - International Relations Branch, held an electronic scientific symposium titled “Iraqi diplomacy and its impact on Iraq’s foreign relations under Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s government” on January 26, 2022.
The symposium aimed to study and analyze Iraqi diplomacy since mid-2020, which contributed to achieving great progress in developing and strengthening Iraq's Arab, regional and international relations in all fields during the era of the government of Mustafa Al-Kazemi, in addition to highlighting the significance and role of Iraqi foreign policy in building Iraq's foreign relations by addressing some manifestations and evidence that reflected progress and development in Iraq's external political approach, as well as reviewing the challenges that faced Iraqi foreign policy and presenting opinions, ideas and treatments that would support the continued success of Iraqi diplomacy
The research papers participating in the symposium covered the following topics: The strategic evaluation of Iraqi-regional diplomacy, “Al-Kazemi’s government as a case study”; Iraqi foreign policy in the Arab environment: Jordan and Egypt as a case study: an analytical vision; Iraqi foreign policy "obstacles and strategies for success"; Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s government and its role in the water agreement between Iraq and Turkey in 2021; Regional variables and their impact on the performance of Iraqi foreign policy; Iraqi foreign policy towards Saudi Arabia; Baghdad summit between external investment and internal employment; Iraq and the diplomacy of missed opportunities "the Strategic Framework Agreement as a case study "; Al-Kazemi's government and the employment of Iraq's position in regional mediation; Iraqi diplomacy: towards an awareness of the strategic thought of the active powers "America, Iran, Turkey".

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