Regional Studies Center at Mosul University held a seminar by Dr. "Abdel -Razzaq Khalaf Al-Taie" and Assist. Lecturer "Zainab Abdel-Ilah Abdul-Karim" entitled (Media and Community Security: Role and Impact), in the presence of the Center's researchers on May 22, 2022.

"The researchers," said that the subject aims to highlight the status and role of the media of all kinds as one of the influential means in the face of the threats to the security of Iraqi society, and the possibility of employing and adopting the media and benefiting from it in promoting societal peace as an effective tool by transferring and exchanging information and news developments in a manner that respects the plurality of viewpoints, freedom of expression and enhancement of transparency.
The "researchers" pointed out that the topic was divided into three main sections and a conclusion that contained the most important results and recommendations that were reached. The first section reviewed the features of the Iraqi media which are a specialized media that informs the public with the information and facts that affect the security and stability of society and a media cooperative with state institutions, and a free media that follows political and organizational bodies that reflect their directions, as well as the media of social media platforms. The second section discussed the concept of society’s security and its threats which are militancy and terrorism, and the speech of hatred and sectarianism, in addition to administrative and financial corruption, the spread of drugs, moreover the bad use of social media and electronic blackmail. While the third section focused on the role of the Iraqi media in facing the influence of the threats to Iraqi society.
The seminar concluded that the media with its various means is a key, influential and effective part of international societies in general. It is necessary to keep its role positive by developing society's awareness in a way that directly contributes to building societal peace and preserving its security stability.

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