Regional Studies Center at the University of Mosul held a seminar by assistant lecturer "Zainab Abdul-Ilah Abdul-Karim" for her research titled (The One-Person Company: A Comparative Study), in the presence of the Center's researchers, on June 8, 2022.

The "researcher" said that the research aims to know the concept of the one-person company, identify the definition of this company, and then clarify its characteristics and provisions that do not solve all the problems facing the one-person company and do not find appropriate solutions for them.

The "researcher" indicated that the study adopted the descriptive and analytical legal method, in addition to the comparative method of some foreign and Arab laws, such as French and Egyptian law.

The "researcher" added that the study was divided into two sections, the first section discussed the concept of the one-person company, while the second section studied the provisions of the one-person company.

The "researcher" concluded that results and recommendations had been come out that stipulate the Iraqi legislator’s call to enact legal texts in the Iraqi Companies Law that regulate everything related to the one-person company in a more detailed manner;

the development of texts governing the establishment of the company as well as encouraging small projects because of their role in developing the economy and raising the standard of living in the country.

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