Regional Studies Center held a seminar by Dr. "Kifah Abbas Al-Hamdani" entitled "Research centers in Tunisia (1987-2011)", in the presence of the Center's researchers, on June 29, 2022.

Al-Hamdani said that the study aims to know the historical development of the emergence of research centers in Tunisia, what are the most prominent of these governmental and non-governmental centers, and to get the most important government decisions taken to develop this sector, and what are the requirements to advance the reality of Tunisian research centers.

The "researcher" indicated that the research is divided into an introduction and two sections. The introduction dealt with the emergence and development of research centers in Tunisia from independence until 1987. The first section included research centers during the era of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali (1987-2011), while the second section studied the requirements for the advancement of research centers in Tunisia.

The researcher concluded, stressing that research centers and laboratories produce research and proposals that constitute a nucleus of creativity and innovation that contribute to sustainable development, and develop technical and technological capabilities of their societies, as well as finding specialized researchers and technicians, and building national capacities to implement large development projects without relying on the outside powers.

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