Regional Studies Center held a seminar by Dr. "Fares Turki Al-Jubouri" entitled "The Influence of the Christian Right on the US Presidential Elections (1980-2016), attended by the Center's researchers, on October 2, 2022.

"Al-Jubouri" said that the seeks to study and analyze the role of the Christian Right in the presidential elections in the United States of America, and its impact on the opinions and orientations of the American voter.

The researcher indicated that the seminar covered one of the most important issues that have affected and continue to affect the paths of international politics, in past and present, which is the issue of the influence of religious currents on political affairs by focusing on the efforts made by the Christian Right in the United States of America to impact the course and results of the presidential elections.

The researcher confirmed that the key themes that were discussed throughout the session were as follows:

The first section included the reasons and factors that contributed to making the religious idea one of the influential ideas in American society in general and in the political field in particular.

The second one involved the issue of intermarriage and integration between religious trends and politics in terms of the reasons that allowed such intermarriage and helped support and mature it until it yielded policies, plans, and trends whose impact was not limited to the American interior but extended to include many regions of the world, and the ensuing results and repercussions.

In the third section, the influence of the Christian right on the presidential elections that brought both George W. Bush and Trump to power within what can be called the imperial presidency was reviewed and analyzed. The fourth one studied this effect on the victory of both Reagan and George W. Bush in the presidential elections.

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