Regional Studies Center held a seminar by Dr. Batool Al-Moussawi for the research entitled "Developments of the Iranian nuclear crisis and its impact on Iraq", in the presence of the Center's researchers, on November 13, 2022.

Al-Moussawi indicated that the research aims to investigate the latest developments related to the Iranian nuclear program and the extent to which Iraq is affected by these developments if an agreement is reached or not.

The researcher added that to take note of the details of the subject, the study was divided into three sections, the first of which was devoted to reviewing the tracks of that file, focusing on the negotiations and the Geneva Agreement (5+1) and the American withdrawal from the agreement during the era of the Trump government, while the second section was concerned with studying the latest developments in that subject and attempts to revive the previous agreement or reaching a new agreement; the third section studied Iraq and the impact of any development in those negotiations on it.

The researcher concluded that a conclusion was reached that reaching an agreement on the Iranian nuclear program is an urgent necessity for all parties to the agreement, which was reinforced by the Russian-Ukrainian war and an attempt to compensate for the lack of energy supplies due to that war, which made Iran in a stronger negotiating position, and that the Democrats have achieved good results in the American midterm elections, which gives Joe Biden a greater chance in negotiating, especially since the Democrats were the godfathers of the Geneva Agreement (1) and were most enthusiastic about returning to that agreement.

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