Dr. Mithaq Khairallah Jalloud, Head of the Political and Strategic Studies Department, delivered a lecture on ) The optimal use of resources in scientific research), and Dr. Abdul Razzaq Khalaf Al-Taie, Head of the Department of Public Policy, also participated in giving a lecture on (writing the introduction and conclusion in research and theses in modern and contemporary history), in the scientific course: (Prof. Dr. Ghanim Al-Haffo), “may God have mercy on him,” held by the Department of History at the College of Education for Human Sciences at the University of Mosul, entitled “The Basics of Writing Theses and Dissertations in the History Major,” on November 15, 2022.
The course included lectures on writing studies and research by academics, as well as scientific theses by postgraduate students to get acquainted with the most important information they need in academic and scientific writing in the right way and to know the issues of organizing and conducting a scientific project.

It is noteworthy that the course aimed to provide trainees, graduate students, and university academics, with the skills of writing studies and historical academic research according to sound foundations.

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