Regional Studies Center held a seminar entitled (War and the Political-Ideological Formation of Europe) on November 27, 2022.

The researcher, Assist. Prof. Walid Mahmoud Ahmad Al-Najjo reviewed and analyzed the idea of war concerning the intellectual construction of the European societal system, which had repercussions on the performance of the ruling European dynasties before the concept of the Westphalian states, and beyond until the end of World War II. The researcher emphasized two basic descriptions of European wars, namely :

The war of doctrines related to beliefs, and the war of nationalities related to ideologies.

The researcher pointed out that among the objectives of the study is to investigate the emergence of religious ideologies and then national ideologies at the heart of European societal systems as a reflection of the civil wars in the continent. The research concluded that the results of the European wars imposed changes at the level of beliefs and also changes in the nature of ruling systems, as well as changes in the societal ideologies of the defeated entities.

The researcher concluded with the conclusions that undermining the systems of central authorities in favor of decentralized democracies led to a decline in European power globally.

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