Regional Studies Center at the University of Mosul has participated in the second international conference, entitled: (Operating the AL-Faw Grand Port and Establishing the Dry Canal - Future perspectives and Investment Opportunities).

Under the auspices of the General Company for the Ports of Iraq - Ministry of Transport, and with the participation of international companies and academic and research institutions, and in the presence of the Director of Regional Studies Center, Dr. Nawfal Qasim Ali and Dr. Luqman Omar Mahmood, Assistant Director of the Center, in Basra Governorate, during 6-8 December 2020.

The conference aimed to emphasize the importance of operating AL-Faw Grand Port and the establishment of the Dry Canal in particular, and the significance of Iraq's geographical location in general, which represents the link between East and West, and that the project is an investment comparable to oil resources through the construction of the dry canal, which will change the map of the local and regional economy.


The Director General of Ports, Dr. Farhan Al-Fartousi, said: "The ports in general, and Al-Faw Grand Port in particular, have an important position in the future of the Iraqi state's economy, on the other hand, due to its association with the memory of the city and the kindness of its people."

He added, " Al-Faw Grand Port and the Dry Canal are projects for all Iraqis, and this is what we saw in our invitation to Iraqi institutions to participate, especially Iraqi universities and research centers, from which we found all the interest in this project, whether from the heads of universities and centers or from the deans and professors."




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