Under the auspices of Dr. (Qusay Kamal Al-Din) the president of the University of the Mosul and in the presence of Dr. (Munir Salem Taha ) the assistant president of the University for Scientific Affairs and Dr. (Dhafer Mohammed Aziz) the Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine and Dr. (Saifan Saad ) Assistance Dean of the Veterinary Medicine for Scientific Affairs and Supervised Dr.(Ammar Saadoun ) the Dean of the College of Rights , On Monday 2020\1\13 Al _ Rafidain Journal of Rights held a workshop entitled ,( Mechanisms of Work and future prospects ) which aims to advance the magazine to the ranks of discreet international magazine and clarify the mechanisms and terms of access to the warehouse . The electronic tools and the development of scientific research skills among researchers using smarts electronic technologies .The workshop was based on two axes , the first axes  dealt with the mechanisms of work and the second axis covered the prospects for the future . A rotating explanation of the axes in detail was made by Dr. (Qabas Hassen Awaad ) &  Dr.(Fathi Ali Fathi) &  Dr. (Mohammed Nazim ) . The workshop is part of series of scientific and cultural activities held by the college .


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